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Adult Book Clubs in Donegal

Book clubs are groups of people who meet to discuss and express their opinions on the books they have read. They may also be called book groups, reading clubs etc. They meet in many different locations for example, coffee shops, restaurants, private dwellings and public libraries. In County Donegal Library Service we are proud to assist and supply many book clubs with advice, recommendations and books to read. Currently, there are 35 adult book clubs benefitting from library service stock. 

Some book clubs meet in libraries or Taobh Tíre Centres around the county; these are referred to as internal book clubs.  


Internal Book Clubs in Libraries and Taobh Tíre centres

Buncrana Library                         

 074 93 61941

Book Club No. 1


Active Retirement Book Club




Carndonagh Library

 074 93 73701

Book Club No.1


Book Club No. 2




Central Library, Letterkenny

 074 91 24950

Adult Book Club




Leabharlann Phobail Na Rosann

 074 95 22500

Evening Book Club


Lunchtime Book Club




Milford Library

 074 91 53927

Book Club No.1


Book Club No. 2






Taobh Tíre Centres


Mevagh Resource Centre, Downings

 074 91 55055

St Johnston & Carrigans FRC

 074 91 48551


External Book Clubs 

External book clubs are other groups that meet in private dwellings or in other locations not connected to the library service.  

At present, there are 24 external book clubs that are supported by libraries throughout the county.


If you are interested in setting up a book club yourself, please do get in touch to find out how your local library can help.

Opening hours and email addresses for all libraries and Taobh Tíre centres in the county are available at


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