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What can I borrow from the Library?

You can borrow anything from the library shelves apart from Reference material. Check with library staff if you are unsure.


How many items can I borrow?

Junior members (0 – 11 years): up to 10 books or DVDs from the junior library.

Student members (12 to 17 years): up to 10 books or DVDs (subject to age restrictions).

Adult members (over 18 years): up to 10 items.

Audio-visual members (over 18 years): up to 10 items plus 3 DVDs & 3 CDs (max 16 items).

A child care worker or teacher can borrow up to 35 books for 12 weeks with a Block Loan card. Audio-visual fees will apply for AV material.


How long can I keep the items issued?

Books are normally issued for 3 weeks and can then be renewed for another three, unless reserved by another library member.  Items can be renewed either in person, on the website or by phone.  DVDs/Videos & CDs are issued for 3 weeks; these cannot be renewed.


How can I find what I want?

By searching our online catalogue, you may find what you want. The catalogue can be searched by author, title or subject. It will tell you if the item is on loan or available and in which library, as well as its location within that library. 

Use this Search the catalogue link.


If I join in one library, can I use my library card to borrow from other libraries?

Yes, you can use your library card in any library or Taobh Tíre centre throughout Donegal.


Can I return items to any library?

Yes, you can return your items to any library or Taobh Tíre Centre throughout Donegal.


How can I keep library items without having to pay fines?

Fines can be avoided first and foremost by returning your items on time. If you’d like to keep your items out for a longer period, you can renew them. Items can be renewed in person, on the website or by phone - except for DVDs/Videos, CDs or items that have been requested by another borrower.


What if I lose an item borrowed from the library?

Don’t worry - we will give you time to find the item.  If, after a reasonable length of time, the item still cannot be found, you can either replace the item or pay the cost of a replacement.  Your accumulated fines will be waived and the item will be deleted from your account.


What happens if I don’t return items on time?

All library members will receive an extra 2 weeks over the due date to return the item (5 weeks in all). If items are not returned in this time and you do not contact the library to renew the item, fines of 30 cent per item per week will automatically go on your account.  This applies to ALL accounts. You will be sent reminder letters, texts or e-mails.  If you think an error has been made, please discuss this with your library.  Likewise, if there is a legitimate reason why you cannot return your library items on time, discuss this with library staff. 


Are there charges for borrowing?

No, there are no charges for borrowing items, including audiovisual items.


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