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Can I reserve library items?

All library items, except the Reference collection, can be reserved, either in the library, by phone or online.  Use this Reserve an item link, and log into your account first.

Library Reference collections exist to provide access for all to a wide range of information through a number of sources.  The only way that we can be sure we are able to provide that level of information access is if we retain the sources in the library at all times. It is for this reason that we do not allow any items to be borrowed from Reference collections. However, some reference material is available online via our website e.g. Encyclopaedia Britannica - use this Online Resources link.


How long will I have to wait for a reservation?

This depends on what you have reserved and its availability. We hope to supply items that are listed in our catalogue quickly.

If an item is available in a Donegal library, waiting time will be very short.  If the item is on loan or reserved by another library member, the waiting time may be a little longer.  Reservations for best sellers and recent publications are very popular and you may have to wait for these to be filled.

Library staff will advise you on how long your wait is likely to be.


Is it possible to get a book that is not in stock in Donegal libraries?

Yes, reservations for these items are free and can be made through  You can do this either online or in the library.

Reservations for academic research items can be made through the British Library Document Recovery service.  There is a charge of €5.00 for this facility.   Ask library staff for details.

Items requested from outside library stock will take a little longer to be filled.

If an item cannot be sourced from another library, the library will try to obtain it through our suppliers (budget permitting and with reference to our Collection Development Policy).  Again this process may take a little longer.


How will I be notified when my reservation arrives?

When your reservation arrives, library staff will contact you by letter, text, email or phone call if you wish. 


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