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Services for Schools 

We are here to support and help foster positive reading habits and that includes working with schools to enhance literacy supports to children and young people. 

Schools and/or individual teachers can sign up for a special library card which will allow you to enhance the reading material on offer to students by allowing you to borrow up to 40 books for 84 days. Just call into your local branch and bring along a letter signed by your principal to get your card. You can call in advance and ask the librarian to make the selection for you or select the books yourself. It's entirely up to you.

Spice up the selection of group reading material by borrowing one of our class book sets. We've just updated it for 2021 and is available to view here. Just get in touch with your local library if you want to avail of this service. 

We also offer a range of eAudiobooks, eComics and provide access free access to Britannica Online which might enhance their learning both in and out of the classroom. Check out what's on offer here.


Your little card holds so much potential!