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Learn how to predict the weather with Donegal County Library Service

With recent local catastrophic flooding and storms ravaging internationally, weather is a devastating yet  fascinating subject.

Meteorology 101 is a self paced online course which provides a glimpse behind the forces of nature that affect weather and climate.

If you’re interested in the study of land, atmospheric pressure, cloud formation and storms this course may be of interest. Rated 5 stars by over 1600 participants, this course takes an average of 9 hours to complete. Once you begin, you have access to the course for up to six months which allows you to do it at a time that suits you. You’ll be emailed a certificate when you’ve successfully completed the course.

All you need is:

  • Your library card

  • Your library PIN

  • An email address

“From weather forecasting to water conservation, we'll introduce you to the vagaries of weather watching and prediction. We'll study the effects of pressure fronts that create hurricanes, tornadoes, and cyclones. We'll offer students clues on how to watch the sky for signs of change, as well as provide a greater understanding of the development and formation of some of the most awesome powers on earth.” (Universal Class, 2017)

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