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How to Join

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Looking for a book

In your library or Taobh Tíre centre, you will find a world of adventure, fantasy, humour and even horror.

We have books on sport, computers, nature and travel - not to mention all the latest bestsellers and all the well-loved classic fiction books.

We have information books to help with your homework or school projects, and we can provide access to online encyclopaedias and dictionaries at home or by using the computers in the library.

Click here to search our catalogue.

Can’t find it there? Why not contact our library staff through the Ask a Librarian Service.


Great Books

100 Best Books 12-14 years
The Ultimate Reading List
Epic Fantasy
Graphic Novels


Great Websites

Skulduggery Pleasant
Philip Pullman (author)


Other useful links for teenagers: – Information on what they do and on youth clubs around the County. -  website of the national youth organisation.  - a portal for Irish education. - designed for teenagers, it has study guides and aids to help you make sense of confusing homework. - an independent youth-powered website covering all aspects of youth information, health and lifestyle. - featuring popular authors, reviews and details about new books. - provides information and support for those feeling lonely, worried or distressed or who just need someone to talk to.


 Homework Help
Berit's Best (?)
Kaboose (?) (?)
Eircom Study Hub
Ask about Ireland
Britannica Student
Online Magazines
EU Information

 Be safe online


Computer & Internet facilities


You are most welcome to use the computer facilities provided that:

  • A parent or guardian gives permission in writing for your use of the computers by signing an Internet consent form in the presence of the library staff or
  • A parent or guardian is with you at the time.








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