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Bring that book to life! Share your reading experiences by joining a Book Club. It’s a great way to meet new people, express yourself and expand your reading horizon. It’s social, offers an opportunity to discuss your views and stimulates debate.

Donegal County Library Service offers you the opportunity to join one of our many Book Clubs throughout the county in our library branches. They are informal, friendly and open. Some people love to discuss and have lots to say, others prefer to listen and make the odd comment. Whatever your style, we're sure you'll enjoy what our book clubs have to offer.


Library Book Clubs

Library Book Clubs run in many libraries throughout the county for adults, young adults and children. They typically begin each year in September and wind down again for the summer months. We provide the books for each meeting.

If you’re interested in joining a book club, contact your local library to find out if there is an active Book Club in your area.


Starting your own book club

Can’t make it to the library, or want to start your own book club with friends or with others who share a love of reading? There’s a huge range of resources online to help you weigh up your options. You can meet at home, at a coffee shop or community centre. The possibilities are endless! We’d recommend using our Book Club Booklet as a starting point. It contains pointers and is packed full of useful information to help you on your way.

Your local library can provide you with access to copies from Donegal County Library Services Book Club stock to help keep costs to a minimum. We have a wide range of titles for adults, young adults and children. We can get you set up with a library card specifically for your Book Club which has an extended loan period and a larger capacity. Our online e-book facilities are another potential source for your latest read. All of this is available free of charge. Contact your local library for further information.


Useful Links

There are a wide range of resources and sites available to anyone interested in Book Clubs and all things reading related:

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