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It’s simple. Become a member in three easy steps. IT’S FREE!

1. Fill in our short application form in-branch or online.
2. Provide proof of address when you call to collect your card.
3. Start using our services immediately.

Children - If you are under 12, come along with your parent or guardian. They will need to bring proof of address e.g. driver’s licence, utility bill.From birth, it’s your library and membership is free.

Youths - If you are between 12 and 18, you need a parent or guardian to sign the application form as guarantor.

Schools and Groups - If you would like to borrow as an organization, pre-school or school, bring along a letter signed by your supervisor/principal and avail of borrowing up to 40 books for 84 days.


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Since March 2017, public libraries across the Republic of Ireland have operated a shared service for all members.

This means you can:

• Access books from another public library authority with the same terms and conditions as your local library

• Use your local library card in any public library across Ireland

• Return books to any public library convenient to you.‌


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No problem! You can buy a replacement card in any branch for €2.


What can I borrow from the Library?

You can borrow anything from the library shelves apart from Reference material. Check with library staff if you are unsure.


How many items can I borrow?

Junior members (0 – 11 years): up to 10 books or Videos/DVDs from the junior library.

Student members (12 to 17 years): up to 10 books or junior Videos/DVDs.

Adult members (over 18 years): up to 10 items.

Audio-visual members (over 18 years): up to 10 items plus 3 DVDs/Videos & 3 CDs (max 16 items).

*Please enquire in your local library about additional special memberships for schools, crèches etc.


How long can I keep the items issued?

Books are normally issued for 3 weeks and can then be renewed for another three, unless reserved by another library member.  Items can be renewed either in person, on the website or by phone.  DVDs/Videos & CDs are issued for 3 weeks; these cannot be renewed.


How can I find what I want?

By searching our online catalogue, you may find what you want. The catalogue can be searched by author, title or subject. It will tell you if the item is on loan or available and in which library, as well as it’s location within that library. 

Use this Search the catalogue link.




Can I reserve library items?

All library items, except the Reference collection can be reserved, either in the library, by phone or online.  Use this Reserve an item link and log into your account first.

Library Reference collections exist to provide access for all to a wide range of information through a number of sources.  The only way that we can be sure we are able to provide that level of information access is if we retain the sources in the library at all times. It is for this reason that we do not allow any items to be borrowed from Reference collections. However, some reference material is available online via our website e.g. Encyclopaedia Britannica - use this Online Resources link.


How long will I have to wait for a reservation?

This depends on what you have reserved and its availability. We hope to supply items that are listed in our catalogue quickly.

If an item is available in a Donegal library, waiting time will be very short.  If the item is on loan or reserved by another library member, the waiting time may be a little longer.  Reservations for best sellers and recent publications are very popular and you may have to wait for these to be filled.

Library staff will advise you on how long your wait is likely to be.


Is it possible to get a book that is not in stock in Donegal libraries?

Yes reservations for these items are free and can be made through  You can do this either online or in the library.

Reservations for academic research items can be made through the British Library Document Recovery service.  There is a charge of €5.00 for this facility.  Ask library staff for details.

Items requested from outside library stock will take a little longer to be filled.

If an item cannot be sourced from another library, the library will try to obtain it through our suppliers (budget permitting and with reference to our Collection Development Policy).  Again this process may take a little longer.


How will I be notified when my reservation arrives?

When your reservation arrives, library staff will contact you by letter, text or phone call if you wish. 


Library Details

What are your opening hours?

Use this Opening hours link for all library opening hours.


How can I contact Donegal County Libraries?

For Donegal County Library Service,  use this Library Administration link.

For an individual library,  use this Opening hours link.


What are the opening times for Branch Libraries? - What about holiday arrangements?

Library opening hours vary.  Use this Opening hours link for all library opening hours. 

Holiday arrangements will vary in each branch.  All libraries close for a number of days during Christmas, Easter, St Patrick’s Day and public holidays. You can contact individual libraries for more detailed inforamtion using the Find Your Library link above.

Closures will also be posted on the Library Website.


Can I leave my children in the library unattended?

Donegal County Library Service do not advise leaving unaccompanied children under 12 in the library as they can become bored and disruptive.

We advise that:

  • Children under 7 years cannot be left unattended in the library at any time. 
  • Children 7-12 years can be left unaccompanied for an hour to choose books, do homework or use computers. 
  • Young people over 13 years may use the library unaccompanied. 

Please ask staff for details of Donegal County Library’s Children’s Policy.


Can I carry out my library business in the Irish language?

In line with current legislation, all Donegal libraries are committed to providing a service in the Irish language, where requested.  Some staff are more proficient than others, so we ask library users to be patient while staff receive ongoing training.


Do you provide facilities for disabled?

Donegal County Library Service has an ‘Access for All’ policy and is compliant with the Disability Act 2005.  Access improvements are being implemented on an ongoing basis.

If you have any difficulty with access, please bring it to the attention of library staff.


Online Services

To access most of our online services you will need a PIN number.  This prevents unauthorised people accessing your library account.  To get a PIN, contact your local library.  Library staff will issue your PIN either in the library or by telephone.

Use this Online Resources link to see what is available.


Can I check my library membership online?

Yes.  Use this Review my account link.


Can I renew library items online?

Yes.  Use this Renew my books link and log into your account first.


Can I search the library catalogue online?

Yes.  Use this Search the Catalogue link.


Can I reserve items online?

Yes.  Use this Reserve an item link and log into your account first.



Can I access Internet in my library?

All Donegal libraries currently open to the public have Internet access.  WIFI access is available in Central Library, Letterkenny and Carndonagh, Ballybofey and Bundoran libraries. Use this IT and PC Services link for more information.


Do I need to book the Internet? - How much does it cost?

Each Internet session is 55 minutes long.

It is advisable to book your Internet session in advance, as Internet access is very popular.  To book, contact your local library using this Opening hours link.

Internet access is free for research – speak to library staff for further details.

Some nominal Internet fees apply for non-research as follows:

  • Junior Internet (under 18), non-research - €1 per 55-minute session.
  • Adult Internet (over 18), non-research - €2 employed / €1 unemployed per 55 minute session.


How long can I have on the Internet?

Internet sessions last for 55 minutes.  Contact your local library staff for exact details of start/finish times.


Other Services

Do you have photocopying, printing, laminating and fax facilities? – How much do they cost?

Most libraries have photocopying facilities but some smaller branches may not.  Use this Opening Hours link to check availability.


Photocopy costs as follows:

  • Black & White (any size) is 20 cent per sheet - one side & 40 cent per sheet - double side.
  • Colour (A4) is 50 cent per sheet – one side & €1.00 per sheet – double side.
  • Colour (A3) is €1.00 per sheet – one side & €2.00 per sheet – double side.

All libraries have printing facilities.

Printout costs as follows:

  • Black & White is 20 cent per sheet - one side & 40 cent per sheet - double side.
  • Colour is 50 cent per sheet – one side & €1.00 per sheet – double side.

Some libraries have laminating service.  Use the Find Your Library link above to check availability.

Laminating costs are 50 cent per A4 sheet.

Faxing is available in most libraries. Use the Find Your Library link above to check availability.

Fax charges as follows:

  • Local & National is 50 cent per minute
  • UK is €1.00 per minute 
  • Rest of world is €2.00 per minute
  • Charge for receiving fax is 20 cent per page.


Can I get information on starting my own business?

Yes. Central Library, Letterkenny and Buncrana library have substantial business sections while most other libraries have smaller business sections. 

Business sections in Central and Buncrana hold books, directories, Irish Government Legislation, business magazines, free databases, newspaper cuttings and relevant local business information.  They have extensive information on starting a Business. 

Use this Business/Community link for more information.


Can I get information on the European Union?

Yes. Central Library, Letterkenny is the Europe Direct Information Centre for the North  West region covering Donegal, Sligo & Leitrim.  Use this Policies and Publications link for more information.


I would like to discuss the books I read with other people.  Do you have book clubs?

Yes. Most libraries have very active book clubs meeting once a month and some libraries also support external community book clubs.  Use this Book clubs link to find a book club near you.


Local/Family History

Can I get information on local history and tracing my family tree?

Yes. The Central Library, Letterkenny houses the main local studies/ family history collection for County Donegal, and most other libraries house smaller, relevant local collections. Use this Local/Family history link for more detailed information on available resources. You will also find information to help you trace your family hisory in A Guide to Genealogy Resources.


Can I view old newspapers?

Yes. All libraries keep back copies of current newspapers. Use this Opening Hours link for contact details and opening hours of your local library. In the Central Library, Letterkenny, Buncrana, Na Rosa and Bundoran libraries old newspapers can be viewed on microfilm. Extracts from these can also be printed at a cost of 70 cent per A3 sheet. 


Archives and some national newspapers can be viewed free of charge on the Library Service's via our Online Resources link.