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Donegal County Library Service provides a network of libraries as cultural spaces for creating opportunities to enhance community life. We aim to meet the need for general education, information and recreation, to support the quest for knowledge, and to meet the public's interest in reading and the arts.


We have a wide range of online resources, available in our Online Library section to all members to access anywhere, anytime.

Below a range of services we provide across the county in-branch. 


In our larger libraries we offer:



‌In all branches we offer:



Charges for services:

   Photocopying and Printing


   B&W (any size) single side


   B&W (any size) double side


   Colour A4 single side


   Colour A4 double side


   Colour A3 single side


   Colour A3 double side




   A4 page




   Internet Access


   PC Internet Access







The Home Energy Kit has five practical tools: a plug-in energy monitor, a thermal leak detector, a radiator key, temperature and humidity meter and a fridge freezer thermometer. The loan period is 7 days. Contact your local library to check availability, opening times and locations are available here.

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