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Outreach centres to provide a better library service for rural and isolated communities


Taobh Tíre is an initiative of Donegal County Council that seeks to improve library services to rural and isolated communities across County Donegal. The Library Service works in partnership with local community groups, and other agencies, to provide access to books and information services in areas that are too small to sustain a branch library.


The project began in December 2002 and 13 Taobh Tíre Centres were established across the County. These centres are usually located in Family Resource Centres, Community Development Projects, Community Co-operatives or other community buildings. There are currently 8 Taobh Tíre Centres across Donegal in Kilcar, Falcarragh, Fintown, Aaranmore, Tory, Downings, St. Johnston and Pettigo.

Location and contact information for each centre is available here.


The final report of the project was launched in July 2009 and it stated that this type of service delivery is successful and should be adopted by the Department of Environment, Heritage & Local Government for a national programme. 


Mevagh Taobh Tíre taster collection  OSCAR (Computer with online access to library services) Taobh Tire Pettigo  


How it works


Each Taobh Tíre Centre has a small collection of books and one or more computer(s) with access to the Internet. By providing access to the Internet, the Taobh Tíre centre also provides access to the Library’s online catalogue of books, videos, CDs, DVDs and audiobooks.


You can join the library through your local Taobh Tíre centre. You can borrow the books that are on site in the Taobh Tíre centre, and also order items through the national online catalogue either at a Taobh Tíre Centre or from home, and have them delivered to a Taobh Tíre Centre of your choice.


Becoming a member through your Taobh Tíre Centre is the same as joining in any public library. Your card will grant you access to all Donegal County Library Services online resources, which you can access anywhere using your library card.


Further Information


Further information can be obtained by contacting Sinéad McLaughlin:

Tel: 074 9373777
email: [email protected] 

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