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Magazines and Newspapers are now available on BorrowBox

If you’re a fan of the online newspapers and magazines available through your library, we have some great news – they’re now available on BorrowBox!

This means that you can get eBooks, audiobooks, newspaper and magazines all in one place.

The Libby and PressReader apps are no longer available through the library but, don’t worry, BorrowBox has you covered instead.

If you’re already a BorrowBox user, you’ll see a new ePress section in the app, and that’s where you’ll find magazines and newspapers.

If you’re not already using Borrowbox, it’s really easy to start and you’ll love it! Just download the app, log in with your library details and start to browse, borrow and read.


Link to borrow box


L‌ibby will no longer be available from May 1st 2024




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